Paporn Jäkel - Certified Interpreter and Translator for the Law Courts and Notaries in the State of Hessia.


Paporn Jäkel

The correct language is a crucial success factor and the accurate translation of your private and business documents is the key to your success. As a professional translation office we work with business customers, authorities and private clients. We are certified by the German authorities in accordance with German laws and regulations. Contact us for the translation of your Thai, German or English documents. Our German Translation Office is officially recognized with the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassy here in Bangkok and with German authorities in Germany. We provide you with certified translations for all your German and Thai documents and consult you in all your affairs with Thai and German authorities. Learn more about us and our language services on the following pages. You may also access further information regarding embassies, banks or other institutions directly from our website.
Certified Interpreter and Translator for the Law Courts and Notaries in the State of Hessia.

Accredited Translator with the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassy in Bangkok.



The German Translation office is managed by Paporn Jäkel who is certified interpreter and translator for the Thai and the German language. She is also in the list of accredited and accepted translators of the German, Austrian and the Swiss Embassy in Bangkok.

After her studies at the renowned Thammasat University in Bangkok she worked as a reporter for a leading newspaper in Bangkok before going to Germany to continue her studies of the German language in Frankfurt/Main. Since 1990 she is certified translator and runs her own translation business.

Later, she moved to China to study Chinese at the Beijing University while supporting the Thai Embassy in Beijing as an interpreter for Thai and Chinese language.

Over the years she established a reputable translation firm in Germany and in Thailand and was appointed as translator and interpreter for corporations and ministries in Thailand and Germany. Working with clients from various industries, she became an expert in language services as well as related areas such as document handling, official procedures, or registrations.

She advises and consults private and business clients in matters related to documents or procedures and offers a portfolio of services including coordination and administrative support.
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