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In this chapter we put together different sources of information which may be useful to provide you with qualified answers to your questions. Firstly, you will find information about the German-speaking embassies in Bangkok since we frequently receive inquiries regarding opening hours or phone numbers. Please go through the information provided on these sites and study the relevant rules and regulations for these countries.

  German Embassy Bangkok

The website of the Germany Embassy provides you with important information concerning questions such as visa or marriage regulations. The site also lists the current phone numbers of particular sections of the embassy.
  Austrian Embassy Bangkok

On the website of the Austrian Embassy you will find extensive information covering areas such as consular advisor, travel information or opening hours, phone and fax numbers as well as the address of the embassy and much more.
  Swiss Embassy Bangkok

If you have questions regarding your visa application, travel information or other administrative areas you should visit the website of the Swiss Embassy.

The chapter Links will provide you with additional links to other websites of foreign embassies and local ministries, authorities and other offices which may be useful when managing your business here in Thailand. For your convenience we also listed other pages which may turn out to be important during your stay in Bangkok and Thailand. Please understand that we are not responsible for the content of such pages,
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