Paporn Jäkel - Certified Interpreter and Translator for the Law Courts and Notaries in the State of Hessia.



We always are eager to translate your documents as good as possible. This, however, in many cases requires your cooperation since we do not have any influence on the completeness and correctness of the documents you will need for your purpose. Please take the following suggestions into consideration to allow a smooth procedure and contact us if you have further questions concerning your documents or the intended administrative procedures or directly contact the authorities in charge.

Completeness of Documents
We translate documents as submitted and cannot assume any responsibility for the completeness of the set of documents as required by regulations of other parties such as embassies or government agencies. You are kindly requested to make sure that your set of documents fully complies with such regulations set forth by other third party. You may contact your embassy in Thailand for further information.

Correctness of Documents
It is recommended to check all original documents before submitting them for translation and thereby ensuring that all names, addresses or other data are produced correctly and especially with the correct spelling. Please be advised that all documents can only be translated in full accordance with the original wording and spelling of the original document.

Marriage Documents
Please be informed that German marriage documents must be legalized by the German Embassy in Thailand. If you are unable to submit your documents in person to the German Embassy, we can do this on your behalf. However, we do not have any influence on lead times.

Collection of Documents
When placing your translation order with us, we will fix a date for collection of your translated documents. You are kindly requested to inform us as soon as possible if you cannot meet the appointment since we can only keep your documents for a limited time period.

Order Confirmation
Please produce the order confirmation when collecting your documents.

Due to linguistic reasons multiple options exist when translating proper names from Thai language to German or English language and vice versa. You may produce your passport or any other official document to ensure the correct spelling of your name. In the absence of such proof it is up to the translator to determine the correct spelling of the proper name.
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