Paporn Jäkel - Certified Interpreter and Translator for the Law Courts and Notaries in the State of Hessia.


Interpreter Services

Business meetings and negotiations as well as private matters call for professional language skills and understanding of the culture of your counterpart. It always is important to make your point expressing the true meaning of your business proposal or your reasons for an application. Even if you assume that business professionals and officers in Thailand are fluent in English, there will still be a language barrier left hindering all too often the real breakthrough in a negotiation or interview.

Strengthen your position and the competitive edge of your business and negotiation approach by using a professional interpreter who is familiar with the country, the culture and the business practices. This will certainly please your Thai counterparts and help to bridge the cultural gap between the parties. Successful negotiations make use of the power of the local language to generate trust and understanding.

We offer professional interpreter services for private, business and official events in German, Thai and English language. Our interpreters come with long years of experience gained in events with the Thai and German government, courts of law, business negotiations, marriages or other private and professional matters. We already support our clients in Thailand since over 10 years and have profound experience in a large number of different business situations.

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